Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Craniofacial & Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lemelman completed a fellowship at one of the largest children's hospitals in the country to focus on care for kids with craniofacial differences. With babies, every millimeter matters. With toddlers and teens, every interaction matters. With parents, every detail matters. 

Dr. Lemelman embraces the challenge of working with children.  His goal is to make their experience—and the family experience—as painless as possible.

Surgery is scary (even for adults).  Dr. Lemelman works tirelessly to guide families from consultation, to surgery, to post-op, to college!

Birthmarks and Moles

Unwanted birthmarks can be a source of distress for parents and children alike.  Dr. Lemelman uses special techniques to remove the birthmark and minimize scarring.

Ear Deformities

Large or prominent ears are a big deal for kids in grade school.  

Many children wear a headband or cover their ears with their hair to avoid being seen.  Otoplasty, or correction of prominent ears, doesn't stop or start bullying.  But it can give a kid the confidence to wear their hair back and lift their head high.  That's what makes this surgery amazing.

Dr. Lemelman also treats other congenital ear differences, in addition to torn earlobes.  The goal is to restore a natural appearance to the ear.

Cleft Lip & Palate

One of the most rewarding operations is cleft lip and palate surgery.

Seeing a newborn at their first visit and being able to reassure the family that "everything will be OK" is a priceless feeling.

Dr. Lemelman trained with some of the top cleft surgeons in the country, and he is excited to bring new techniques back to Chicago.

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Everything will be OK.


Cranio-syno-sto huh?

Irregular head shape.

Sometimes a different head shape can be due to sleep positioning or "that's just the way Dad's head looks."

Other times, a misshapen head is due to a problem with the bones in the skull.  It's important to figure out the cause, so it can be corrected in a timely manner.  A baby's brain grows super fast, so it's important to give it room to grow.

If there's an issue with the child's bones that surround the brain, Dr. Lemelman works with a Neurosurgeon to provide a minimally invasive approach to correct the deformity.